In today’s fast paced world it is difficult to maintain a connection with our culture, with our heritage, with the world around us. We are lacking time to stop and explore, to get lost in a gallery or a history book.

That is why Oskar, your artificial intelligence friend and guide, was created. Thanks to technology, he brings art and photography close to you: to your daily commute, Sunday walk or anywhere you feel like.

Oskar accompanies you and helps to enrich your everyday life thanks to his three different modes:

Instant discovery

oskar discover around mode

Oskar lets you see your current surroundings through the eyes of photographers and artists of last decades and centuries

My walking tour

oskar walking our mode

No matter if you have twenty minutes or two hours. Oskar offers you personalized walking tours marked by art pieces and photographs of your taste and current mood

Daily Oskar

oskar daily mode

Oskar greets you at least once a day and offers you a historic photography or painting of a place you are currently passing by

Oskar & Technology

There is a good amount of data science behind Oskar – we use advanced natural language processing and computer vision to create the (m)app database of Oskar and locate all its pieces according to what they picture. Oskar is made smart to understand your taste and preferences and offer you the best personalized content.

And we keep on improving before making Oskar alive!

Who will like Oskar

Oskar can be friend with no mater whom. Its art and photography collection is waste and he well understands what pictures you will enjoy.

Oskar gets along well with:

Anyone who likes bringing inspiration to life, discovering history of her or his city and life of its old inhabitants, or enjoying art in a new way
Architects, art lovers, historians…
Tourists, visitors, city explorers…
Kids, teenagers, adults, families…

Do you think you and Oskar can be friends?

homepage pictures
Info picture
Info painting

Sing in and we will keep you posted on the launch of his Beta version!

We will soon have a contact form to keep you posted 🙂